Wednesday, May 1, 2013

30-Day Squat Challenge - The Beginning

I'm the type of person that says "yes" first and then asked questions....that is how I found myself participating in the 30-Day Squat challenge with Bonnie and Dani.  (you can read about my initial involvement here)

Because I hate to suffer alone, I put a call out to others to join in the challenge.  Some of them have blogs and some don' is a list of the participates, some fellow weight loss bloggers, while others are Facebook pals!  Make sure to visit their blog if they have one and root them on!

The Participates:

Bonnie (Empress of Pounds)
Dani (TDKchick Staying Skinny)
Miss Ashley (Picking Up The Pieces)
Amy (Diary of a Fat Girl)

If I missed anybody, I apologize and just give me a reminder...I will add  you to the list.  If you still want to join in, it's not too late!

Here are the details again....wish me luck in NOT dying!

I should state for the record....this challenge is not my invention.  My girlfriend Bonnie had it on her blog and I horned in.  There is a Facebook page dedicated to the challenge that you can check out.  Also, I am not a professional in any sort...I don't know if you should do this medically, but your Dr. would give you the "down low" on that!  As for proper "squat" form, do some searches should find some help there! 

I will check next Wednesday and update you on my progress


  1. If it says 50, can I do 2 sets of 25? Because starting out with 50 all at once is just scary!!!

  2. I'm doing mine in sets! I've checked I can already do 50!

  3. Will find out when I get home if I can do 50!
    Like the sounds of the sets... even done in two