Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

So, it's Tuesday and it's truth night.....holy crap-ola....what a truth night it is.

Here is the truth:

I went to Niagara and got fat!  I mean, you probably can't tell to look at me, but I think the scale groaned a little when I got on.  From what I can tell, I gained roughly 5 lbs in 3 days!

Do I regret it?  Yes and no!  I regret that I took an awesome calorie burning opportunity and ate it away.  I mean, once we got to Niagara, we walked everywhere.  I could have chosen to eat in moderation a bit more and also not snacked on the junk we brought from home...like Wine Gums.  I mean, I felt FULL the entire time we were away!

But in regards to NOT regretting it?  I enjoyed all the meals out!  We asked the kids at dinner tonight what their favorite part of our trip was?  They enjoyed the waterpark and while both my husband and I both enjoyed watching them have fun and spending time with them....my favorite part was the food!  Perhaps it was the fact that I didn't have to cook it or prepare it or prep it.  In was delightful in all it's greasy goodness.

If I'm being truthful, it wasn't just the weekend away that did me in.  I pretty much ate like crap since last week.  I am prepared to get back on track tonight.  Now that I am at home....I feel BLECH!

Tomorrow starts the 30-Day Squat Challenge and I wanted to also start my Couch to 5k again in May.    It was a bit of a toss up if I should start both.  The squats will be killer and I know for a fact that if I am doing them properly, I won't be able to walk afterwards, let alone run.  I think I will do this.  Go for a run tonight and then proceed to start the 30 day death trial tomorrow as planned.  If I am too sore, then running will go to the back burner for the next month or sporadic days when I feel well enough to do so.  My hubby is also going to do the squat/death challenge with me, so that should be fun and encouraging.

I will check in tomorrow and recap day 1 of the 30-Day death trial! :-)


  1. Good luck on the squat challenge!! I totally agree about the squatting and running. It's difficult!

  2. Are you and Hubby doing them together (as in at the same time?) That would be a great opportunity for you guys to kinda duke it out. I love challenging John, it's fun and adds a light-hearted competition to our lives. :)

    Good luck with the 30 day death challenge! I'm sure we'll be emailing each other about how we want to quit our challenges tomorrow! :)

  3. Sorry to hear you came back from Niagra a little bummed. I bet some of that is water retention due to all the salt in prepared/restaurant food!

    Glad to hear you're also starting your C25K program! I'm about to wrap up week 3!