Friday, April 26, 2013

Fitness Friday - 04/20 - 04/26

Time to review my fitness levels for the past week!

Saturday:  Nothing structured, basic running around we do on Saturdays in town.

Sunday:  Nadda - tends to be my down day from what I can see....BUT, I did spend the entire day outside putting around.

Monday: Walked the kids to school and daycare, did a 30 minute walk at work and THEN later that evening, did my killer walk with the ladies.

Tuesday:  Walked the kids to school and daycare.  I did a couple short walks at work.  Honestly, my legs were pretty tired from the walk with the gals that I needed a day of rest.

Wednesday:  I was on my feet all day making walk for me

Thursday:  Walked the kids to school and daycare.  Did another couple short walks at work again.  I had to go and renew licence plates and mail a parcel.

Friday:  Walked the kids to school and daycare.  Once again had to go and mail some parcels for work.

Exercise-wise, it wasn't a bad week.....let's not talk about diet-wise though.  I pretty much blew it this week.  It is only going to get worse from here for a few days.  We are taking a family vacation to Niagara Falls.  That means eating out for 3 days, but I am hoping that the amount of walking and playing at the water park will help even things out.

Next Wednesday is also the start of the 30-Day Squat challenge.  I will do a post then, linking up everyone who is participating.....I think I have a list of 6 of us....7 if I can convince my husband to do it with me.  I will do an update on my progress every Wednesday until the challenge is over (or I die, whichever comes first!)

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