Sunday, August 11, 2013

Road Trip Review - Week 4

Let's review!

  • The total distance to Troutville is 997 km
  • We have 170 days until December 31, 2013 (the end date) and that means we need to walk   5.8  km a day.
  • Our daily, everyday walking counts, but only up to half of our required distance (so 2.9 km)
  • Each 30 minute of non walking/running exercise counts as 0.5 km, up to 3.2 km of our total
The road so far:

Week 1 ( July 14 - 20):

 - total walked: 34.99 km
  - total eliglible: 27.44 km
      (-13.16 km behind)

Week 2 ( July 21 - 27)

 - total walked: 48.82 km
  - total eligible: 36.95 km
      (-3.65 km behind)

Last week (July 28 - Aug. 3):

  - total walked: 36.39 km
  - total eligible: 25.30 km
      (-15.30 km behind)

This week: ( August 4 - 10 )

Sunday: 6.26 km (Total) 6.07 km (Eligible)

Monday: 10.30 km (Total) 6.45 km (Eligible)

Tuesday: 10.70 km (Total) 7.15 km (Eligible)

Wednesday: 8.95 km (Total) 6.03 km (Eligible)

Thursday: 8.95 km (Total) 5.53 km (Eligible)

Friday: 6.24 km (Total) 5.58 km (Eligible)

Saturday: 7.04 km (Total) 6.10 km (Eligible)

Goal: 40.6 km
+ 2.31 km (over)


Eligible: 132.60 km
-29.80 km (behind)
864.40 km to go!

As you can see, this past week was AWESOME!  It was my second week of holidays.  I got out for a good 45 minute walk 4 days straight.  This was partly due to the fact that I was home with the kids and needed to kill some time with them.  I also quickly learned that I should do it with them  more often.  My 6 year old complained about how far it was and how tired his legs were, begging me to take the short cut home.  By day 3, I told him if he complained one more time, we would do the entire walk all over again!  Which in truth wouldn't happen, because I wouldn't be able to do it.

I haven't really found it in myself to do anything other than walking yet.  I know I should try and switch it up, but I am comfortable and by the end, I am still tired and sweaty!

I am back to work will be a bit more of a challenge to get over 5 km of exercise in.  I really need to find a routine that works.  Basically, as a family, we need to get back to walking after dinner.  I think we did it for about a week.

Make sure you pop over and check out my travel partner.  I think she has been Zumba'ing it up, so that should show some awesome, she has the really cool map about where she ends up at the end of each week.  Julie sent me the instructions on how to do it, but I keep forgetting by the time Sunday rolls around.

See you all next week!!

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