Monday, August 26, 2013

Road Trip Review - Week 6

Let's review!

  • The total distance to Troutville is 997 km
  • We have 170 days until December 31, 2013 (the end date) and that means we need to walk   5.8  km a day.
  • Our daily, everyday walking counts, but only up to half of our required distance (so 2.9 km)
  • Each 30 minute of non walking/running exercise counts as 0.5 km, up to 3.2 km of our total
The road so far:

Week 1 ( July 14 - 20):

 - total walked: 34.99 km
  - total eliglible: 27.44 km
      (-13.16 km behind)

Week 2 ( July 21 - 27)

 - total walked: 48.82 km
  - total eligible: 36.95 km
      (-3.65 km behind)

Week 3 ( July 28 - Aug. 3)

 - total walked: 36.39 km
  - total eligible: 25.30 km
      (-15.30 km behind)

Week 4 (Aug 4 - 10):

  - total walked: 58.44 km
  - total eligible: 42.91 km
      (+2.31 km over)

Last week (Aug 11 - 17):

  - total walked: 45.95 km
  - total eligible: 35.49 km
      (-5.11 km behind)

This week: ( August 18 - 24 )

Sunday:10.70 km (Total) 7.45 km (Eligible)

Monday: 7.42 km (Total) 6.25 km (Eligible)

Tuesday: 6.32 km (Total) 6.01 km (Eligible)

Wednesday: 9.99 km (Total) 6.10 km (Eligible)

Thursday: 7.55 km (Total) 5.49 km (Eligible)

Friday: 9.73km (Total) 5.91 km (Eligible)

Saturday: 5.20 km (Total) 3.90 km (Eligible)

Goal: 40.6 km
+0.51 (over)


Eligible: 209.20 km
-34.40 km (behind)
787.80 km to go!

Ok, so if you check out Julie's blog, you will see, she adds this funky little map that shows her where she is from home.  She sent me the step by step instructions on how to do it and basically, I am so inept, I cannot figure it out.  I haven't given up, but it's not simple enough for me to be confident that I have it worked out to post.  I think?!?! I am somewhere near St. Catherines, ON.

I must fill you in on a little point that just further confirms how dumb I am at geography.  I always think everything is more North of for some strange reason, I figured that in order to meet her half way from Florida, I would need to go "up" on the map!  FACE PALM!  Then I looked at the map and was totally shocked that the route took me "down"  OF COURSE IT DOES DUMMY!  Heck, I have even been to Florida and I KNOW the USA is below Canada...why is it that it didn't occur to me.

Anyway, I am still behind, but SLOWLY catching up.  My favorite number to write each week is my KM TO GO!  It's great to see that number going down!

Check back next week to see if I can do it again!

Thanks to my walking partner Julie, it turns out I am not in and about St. Catherines, but have actually left Canada and am slugging around Buffalo!  She even did me up my maps so you can see....she's awesome I tell ya!


  1. I hope you update this after getting my email....

    YOU MY DEAR ROCK!!! Way to be AHEAD of your goal this week!! I myself rocked it too, as you will see as soon as I'm done with the post! :-P

  2. Way to go Amy!! Keep up the great work, you are doing some fabulous numbers with your walking. I know you will be hitting the states sooner than you imagined!

  3. Look at you miss thang with your maps all fancy-lookin! I bet some kick-ass girl did those for ya! ;-)