Monday, August 5, 2013

Road Trip Review - Week 3

Sorry, it's a day late....I've been on holidays and it is doing me in.  I have lost all track of what day it is and didn't really get in the exercise I had hoped.  In actual fact, I took the week off from anything extra.  The kids were in daycare still, so I used that to my advantage and did some deep cleaning.  My week was also pretty ridden with appointments and I was out pretty much everyday at some point.

Anyhoo, needless to say, I have fallen a bit more behind on my walk.  I promise Julie...I will still be there to meet you!!!  Make sure you pop on over to her blog to check out her progress!

Let's review!

  • The total distance to Troutville is 997 km
  • We have 170 days until December 31, 2013 (the end date) and that means we need to walk   5.8  km a day.
  • Our daily, everyday walking counts, but only up to half of our required distance (so 2.9 km)
  • Each 30 minute of non walking/running exercise counts as 0.5 km, up to 3.2 km of our total
The road so far:

Week 1 ( July 14 - 20):

 - total walked: 34.99 km
  - total eliglible: 27.44 km
      (-13.16 km behind)

Last week (July 21 - 27):

  - total walked: 48.82 km
  - total eligible: 36.95 km
      (-3.65 km behind)

This week: ( July28 - August 3)

Sunday: 3.63 km (Total) 2.9 km (Eligible)

Monday: 7.42 km (Total) 3.9 km (Eligible)

Tuesday: 6.37 km (Total) 3.9 km (Eligible)

Wednesday: 5.60 km (Total)  3.9 km (Eligible)

Thursday: 3.35 km (Total) 2.9 km (Eligible)

Friday: 4.34 km (Total) 3.9 km (Eligible)

Saturday: 5.68 km (Total) 3.9 km (Eligible)

Goal: 40.6 km
-15.30 km (behind)


Eligible: 89.69 km
-32.11 km (behind)
907.31 km to go!

It's not that my km count for the week was terrible, it's just that my eligible count didn't stack up.

My goal for this week is to not be behind in km!  I'm on holidays again with the kids...I should be able to do that.  Just means I am going to have to get my lazy butt off the couch and go for a walk with them.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Until next time,


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  1. Yeah!! Get off your lazy butt and go for a walk!!

    ....I type as I'm sitting on the couch being a lazy butt! ;-) ;-)