Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Road Trip Review - 2014 Edition - Months 7 & 8

Well, Julie and I have been trekking along for quite some time now.

I have done terrible....I'm going to come right out and say it.  There is about a month and a half left to go, and I am soooooooooo far behind, I might as well start over!

I'm not giving up....just facing facts that I am terrible.  Perhaps Julie will be lenient on me and we can extend the deadline until the end of December!!!!!

Julie has also been way better at getting her updates up too...check out her latest one HERE

Let's see how I have fared shall we?

Quickly, here are the rules and the road so far

The Facts:
  • First Pit Stop of the journey is Crowley State Park, Arkansas - 1399 km
  • Next stop and final destination is Devil's Den State Park, Arkansas - 325 km
  • Total of 1724 km
  • 5.70 km a day, 40.95 km a week and 172.40 km a month
  • We have 10 months to complete the journey, from January 1 - October 31
  • Our daily, everyday walking counts, but only up to half of our required distance - 2.85 km
  • Each 30 minutes of non-walking/running exercise counts as 0.50 km, up to 3.20 km of our total
The Road So Far:

Month 1 - January

- total walked: 197.53 km
- total eligible: 174.22 km
  ( + 1.82 over)

Month 2 - February

- total walked: 180.13 km
- total eligible: 160.05 km
  (- 12.35 behind)

Month 3 - March

total walked: 242.54 km
- total eligible: 201.23 km
  (+ 33.22 over )

Month 4 - April

- total walked: 176.30 km
- total eligible: 141.75 km
  (-27.91 behind)

Month 5 - May

- total walked: 204.43 km
- total eligible: 165.64
  (-10.97 behind)

Month 6 - June

- total walked: 182.40 km
- total eligible: 136.42.64
  (-34.58 behind)

Month 7 - July

- total walked: 190.49 km
- total eligible: 157.33 km
  (-18.14 behind)

Month 8 - August

- total walked: 140.98 km
- total eligible: 134.02
  (-42.68 behind)

- total walked: 1514.86 km
- total eligible: 1270.66 km
  (-111.59 km behind)

How the frig am I supposed to make up that many km?  I'm hoping to make a big dent on them on Wednesdays.  I have those days off and now both kids are in school.  From the looks of it, realistically I should be walking the entire day!

By the end of July, it appears that I have ended up in Kentucky.  Let me say this though...while geography was never my skill....I am utterly lost here in the US.  When I look at the Google map...I cannot tell where I am!

While I end this leg in Kentucky, it looks like I am camped out at an Airport.  This nerds me out a bit and let me tell you why.  For those of you that don't know me well, I lived in the Yukon Territory for 2 years.  One of the jobs I held there was as an Observer/Communicator at the local airport.  This job had me responsible for recording the weather every hour and communicating and providing critial information to airplanes, either passing through or landing.  So I think it's pretty awesome that my random click on the map had me camped out on the taxi of an airport.

In August I am back to roughing it in the bush...I'm real close to the Kentucky/Tennessee border (or as best as I can tell anyway)  Once I put my markers up on my map....I am much closer than I though.  Hey, I might just do this after all!!!

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  1. Go Go Go! Push through it! Make every step count! :-) I'm rooting for you!! <3 <3 <3