Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Planning Post

I had to forego my TOPS meeting last night for some important Girl Guide camp planning, so I don't have a Truth Of Tuesday Night post for you.  I truthfully don't even really have an idea on how the scale would have performed for me.

I am still in a funk if I'm being honest.  I have this great plan laid out with friends and all the tools around me to make it all work, but somehow, I just CAN'T!

I have decided to write out a simple weekly plan to get me started.

Goals for the week:

- lose weight and earn a "star" at TOPS
- log my food EVERYDAY
- complete 30 minutes of walking, 3 days this week
- do the bed sheet workout, 2 times this week
- update my blog at least one more time

I know if I do the middle 3, I will see the first one happen!

I've said it before and I will say it again....THIS IS HARD!  Hardest thing I have ever done!  Some days I really think it will never happen, that this task is just too big, but then I see others who have done it and realize that the difference is their level of dedication to it.


  1. I had hopes for this year... but it just hasn't been working my way.
    Hard doesn't even begin to describe it somedays!
    Hugs!!! I know you can do it :)

  2. I think you should just put a big red line through your first goal. To say you're going to lose weight is so frickin broad. It's no wonder you're overwhelmed! I know that you know that if you do the other goals, the first will happen so why write it! Concentrate on the smaller goals and maybe even break them up into smaller goals for the day. "Today I will walk for 30 mins". "Today I will drink at least one glass of ice water". "Today I will tell myself I'm beautiful no matter what I weigh". "Today I will not weigh myself". Don't worry about tomorrow or yesterday just focus on today.