Friday, July 13, 2012

Food Diary - Day 3

As the weekend approaches so does my trip off the bandwagon!

It's Friday and not unlike almost every other Friday, we go to town after work.

Going to town after work = eating out!

Sometimes it is as simple as bringing home fast food.  Tonight we decided to go and eat at Boston Pizza.

My whole day in general was a bit off.  I took items to work that I knew were higher calorie than I would usually take, but did it with the mindset that I could have those couple yummy items OR have lots more so-so things.  I went with the yummy, of course.  This was before I knew we would go out for dinner.

So, in the spirit of keeping it real, here goes!

Breakfast:  (495 cal)

1 Lemon Cranberry Muffin
1 Chocolate Chip Granola Bar

Lunch:  (627 cal)

2 hot dogs (left over from dinner last night)
1tbsp. ketchup
2 cups raspberries

Dinner:  (896 cal)

1/2 starter size Ceaser salad
1/2 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
1 order fries



Exercise for today - 35 minutes walking/running - 170 calories burned


Calories In - 2017
Calories Burned - 168

Over by 132 calories

Ok, so it's not too bad really right?  I am actually pretty impressed with myself.  First off, did you notice portion size of dinner?  I only really ate half of everything (other than the fries)  I am not a salad person, and this one was sort of, blech, not enough dressing and croutons for me, which probably worked in my favor.  As for the sandwich, I was pretty sure it was like a zillion calories and stopped at half.  The old, don't think about it me, would have stuffed herself with it.  Instead, I left pleasantly filled.

On an even better note, I FORCED myself to run tonight.  I felt guilty for not doing my complete run last night and also knew I was going to be over with my calories tonight, so I didn't want my numbers to be any larger than they had to be.

Had I not got on the treadmill, I would have been over by 300 calories!  So, essentially, I ran off my salad and bit more today.

How about you?    How do you manage when you go to eat out?

Until next time,



  1. The buffalo chicken sandwich sounds really yummy!! Good for you for dividing most of the meal in half!! I love reading your blogs, keep doing them!! I feel inspired by reading it. Oh the muffin sounds good too actually. Are they homemade?

  2. oh by the way that comment was made by me- Lilreta Ladd

  3. Wow, Amy - accountability has it's drawbaks and rewards, eh? I can't even do a log for a whole day nevermind a week! I'm anixious to see next Tuesday's blog post.. :) keep at it!

  4. I found a Web site called Lose It! which enables me to track my food using my iPhone. I love it, it's really easy and even fun to use!To borrow from the Grateful Dead: keep on trackin'! (Sorry :> )

  5. Not a great day but I'm proud of you for running even when you didn't want to - that's the kind of dedication that will help you lose the weight!