Saturday, July 28, 2012

Something To Think About

So, yesterday was my third day of Couch to 5K, week 3.

First off, let me say...I am finding it VERY hard.  Running for 3 minutes straight is very taxing on me and I haven't mastered the breathing thing too well yet while running, so I end up panting like a dog more than anything...struggling to get a deep breath.  I think I would be wise to repeat week 3 again next week before I move on.

Anyway, we did our usually Friday night into town to go do some shopping. That also usually means we have supper out.  I had a late lunch at work of pizza and wasn't starving.  So, I showed some excellent restraint and while the rest of the family had Dairy Queen for supper, I had none!  The old me would have had something even if I wasn't hungry.

After getting the kids into bed later than usual and everything else, later than usual, I strapped on the sneakers and hit the treadmill.

Afterwards, Brian asked...what was all of the heavy breathing about tonight?

I said, "because it was hard tonight and I didn't really feel like doing it, plus my stomach is all crampy"

"So why did you run then?"

"because it was my night to run!"

But truthfully after I got thinking about it, the reason I ran was simple...

Because it would have been easier NOT to run

Does that make sense?

It's easier to just not get on the treadmill and move fast.  My legs wouldn't hurt, my lungs wouldn't burn and I wouldn't be dripping in sweat.  But what I also realized is that feeling of death warmed over doesn't last long after I get off...maybe 10 minutes and then part of me wants to do it again!

I am just keeping with the running thing for right now.  I love it and want to do it EVERYDAY!

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