Thursday, March 21, 2013

Non-Scale Victory Link Up

Ok, I gotta admit...I have been itching to do this post since Tuesday.

My non-scale victory was awesome for me.

I'm going to jump right to it.

For lunch on Tuesday, I brought a variety of cut veggies to try!

                   SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

If you know me, you know that I "HATE" veggies!  I could state this with absolute fact, despite the honest truth that I really hadn't ever tried any.

I decided that I would try some.  I have a favorite veggie dip that I like for cucumber.  I have never given it a shot with other veggies though.  I stopped at the grocery store on Monday to pick up stuff for supper and grabbed a few things to try.

I bought:


Baby Carrots

Red Pepper

At first on Tuesday, I wasn't sure that I could go through with it.  I started with the cucumber, because I already like it.  Then I tried a pepper.  I had once tried raw pepper at a shower and it was OK, and I figured it would be better with a  dip I liked.  I wasn't wrong.  It was palatable.  Not fantastic, but I ate about 4 small strips.  Then I tried the celery.  Again, the taste wasn't half bad, but the texture put me off a bit.  I didn't like that once I bit into it, it didn't sever off in a clean slice and I sort of had to pull it to get the strands.  Lastly, I looked my lifelong enemy of carrots in the face and tried one.  There wasn't a lot of flavor and it wasn't terrible, but I just couldn't wrap my mind around eating it.

I ate WAY more dip than necessary, but you have to start somewhere.  By the end, I was tired of eating them.  I ate most of my cucumber, most of the pepper and a taste of celery and carrot.

Today, I stuck with pepper and cucumber.  It's shopping night tonight and I plan to load up on some to try.  I have my new veggie keepers from Tupperware, so they won't spoil as fast.

I deserve a big ol' pat on the back, if I do say so myself!

What about you?  Any Non-Scale Victory you are super duper proud of?

Blog about it and join the link up too!



  1. Hey girl I am visiting from the link-up! Good for you for trying some new things!! I am not very good at veggies either, so I think its awesome that you stepped out of the box!! Keep it up!!

  2. Hi Amy!! You made me laugh and WOO HOO for trying new veggies!!! Hey, you have to start somewhere and you did!! My hubby doesn't like veggies either so I'm always trying to push them on him :) One thing that doesn't add alot of flavor but that you could add to sauces and such is frozen spinach - just toss some in and you're getting tons of great vitamins but not a lot of flavor to put you off :) Keep up the great work and you might even discover a veggie taht you love!!

  3. Okay Amy I've got to get on this NSV bandwagon for my blog too this will help keep me motivated and loosing!!! Its always beneficial to look at the good things we've done not just what the number on the scale says... because so often it doesn't say what we want it to!!!

    I'm sorry to hear you're not a veggie fan! I love veggies, but more raw or steamed then cooked to mash. I've even gotten to the point where I prefer my salad without dressing. That's right! Nekkid salad, I just got so sick of dressing and I was already putting on so little, I shudder when I see a salad drowning in dressing!!!

    Keep working at it!

  4. Great job with the veggie search!

    It takes a while to get used to some veggies, but others are just soooo good! I love hummus with all of my veggies! Have you tried that?

    These are just such great NSV!

    Have a wonderful day!


  5. Amy!
    Way to go on the veggie train girlfriend! Some suggestions for you to try (if you ever feel dangerous lol) would be raw broccoli, parsnips, and kale chips! They are packed with the good stuff, and although they are dreaded, there's ways to HIDE some of them (the kale especially... I sub it for lettuce in my lunch wraps and hide a handful in a romaine salad.... can hardly tell they're there!)

    Way to go on your NSV!!!!! I want to do the link up, but I'm stupid.... how do I do a linkup??? Let me know!

    Also- sent your package today! Well, the one for the kids! If it gets there after Easter tell them the bunny forgot it in his trunk! ;-)

  6. You do deserve a pat on the back! This post made me smile so much because I could feel how proud you are of yourself reading it and I'm so proud of you too! Thank you so much for sharing your big news!!!!

  7. Great job. I love being part of this NSV hop, too. This 'online meeting' gives me "positive pressure" and keep me motivate with my goal. I'm looking forward to your NSV next week. Let's us encourage each other.