Thursday, August 22, 2013

Non-Scale Victory # 13

It's been quite some time since I have participated in this link up.

Things didn't seem to be flowing well with my plan to move more and eat less.  Then holidays came about and I took complete time off for that.

Anyway, here I am, hopefully back on track.

I had to struggle to figure out a non scale victory to share.  But I decided that it is going to be getting back on track with food logging and packing a pre-planned lunch!

I typically track for a couple days and then loose interest.  My goal is to at least log until my next TOPS meeting next Tuesday.

Here is a picture of the lunch I packed myself for today:

I have some cheese curds, fresh from the cheese factory, some kielbasa, red peppers and cucumber.  Veggie dip and crackers, 3 caramel chocolates from the chocolate factory and 2 peaches.

It's 10:20 am and I am dying to eat this now.  It's my favorite kind of meal...the snacky kind!