Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April Photo Challenge - Week 1

I had hoped to have this post up on Sunday, but myself and my daughter were hit with the stomach flu and I did well to just get out of bed since last Thursday.

If you need a reminder about the challenge, go and read this post that introduces it.

I had to improvise my pics a bit and didn't end up taking them all on the appropriate day.

  1. Dinner - This is not the perfect example, but April 1st happened on a Tuesday, which is  my TOPS meeting night and I don't eat before the meeting and grab something when I get home around 8:30 pm.  I also usually allow myself a treat those nights and this dinner was leftover chocolate chip pancakes!
  2. Work Out Clothes - This is my typical workout wear.  I have my Team Dean shirt from my favorite show Supernatural (interesting fact...my bff Julie has a Team Sam one that I sent her for Christmas), my grey capris, socks, running shoes and a pony tail.  
  3. Water - A sample of my different water glasses and containers.
  4. Breakfast - When I am on the ball, this is a perfect breakfast for me....poached eggs.  This actually was dinner Sunday night..the first thing I had eaten in a few days.
  5. Smile - A smile with me and my little girl...she makes me smile everyday.
  6. Movement - I missed day 6, which was movement...there just hadn't been any opportunity for that lately.  I will catch this one up!
Don't forget to check out Ashley and Julie's blogs to see how they are doing with this challenge.

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