Sunday, April 13, 2014

April Photo Challenge - Week 2

It's week two of the month long photo challenge.  I had a tiny bit of making up to do from last week.

If you need a reminder about the challenge, click this link.  If you missed last week, find it here.

Below is my collage of photos for week 2.

  1.  Movement - this is from last week, and I was so happy to see the movement of my sheets on the clothesline...nothing better then fresh hung sheets!
  2. Fruit - some lovely red grapes...they were so sweet.
  3. Inspiration - my kids are easily my best inspiration.
  4. Sweat - I don't work out hard enough to's not my thing....but I always sing this song in my head when I hear the word sweat.  - "girl, I'm gonna make you sweat...sweat till you can't sweat no more"
  5. Outside - Abby and I enjoying one of the first nice spring days
  6. Body - While I don't have a full appreciation for my body yet, this is it in progress.
  7. Snack - I'm ashamed to admit is was "cookie day" for the girl guides.  I proudly supported them and continued on to eat the full box over weekend.
  8. Shoes -  YUP!  I am a croc wearer.  If I am not in my running shoes, you will find me in these.
Don't forget to check out Julie and Ashley...they are participating in this challenge with me.  You can still join in if you like!

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