Sunday, April 6, 2014

Follow Through Friday - # 12

I forgot to post this Friday!

First up, the review and breakdown of last week's goals!

Last Week:
  • Walk my required km for each day - 5.70 km
  • Lose 1 lb
  • Food Journal EVERYTHING and stay within my calorie limit (1552 as per Lose It)
  • Maintain my uncontrollable PMS eating this weekend.
  • Be awesome!
2 out of 5 (details below)
  • I at least had my walking going for me this week, and I'm sure it helped a bit
  • No loss this week, a gain of 0.75 lbs actually
  • Towards the end of the week, things got a bit out of control food-wise and my journalling didn't reflect it 100%
  • The PMS eating would be the reason for the failure of the above 2
  • I'm always pretty awesome...I included it so I could accomplish at least one goal this week!
Goals For The Week
  • Walk my required km for each day - 5.70 km
  • Lose 1 lb
  • Food Journal EVERYTHING and stay within my calorie limit (1557 as per Lose It)
  • Focus on my 30 Day Water Challenge again
  • Accomplish the tasks on the April Fitness Photo Challenge 
  • TOPS Daily Inspiration Tasks

I need to stay under budget this week.  As I type this, I am making myself my own frozen lunches of chicken linguine with mushrooms and tomatoes.  There is a Lean Cuisine version that I like.  The only problem is the chicken is gross and feels like rubber.  I realized that I can make my own version that is yummier.  I intend to keep it under 400 calories, which is a reasonable lunch.  I'm also not going to drink as much pop.


Walk, walk, walk...that is still where I am.  The weather is getting nicer, so I am hoping for some family walks after dinner.

April Fitness Photo Challenge

This is a new challenge that myself and a couple others are doing this month.  You can read my original post here.  I will put my blog post up with the pictures on Sundays.  Check out Julie and Ashley's progress with the challenge too!

This week's challenges are:
  1. Dinner
  2. Work out Clothes
  3. Water
  4. Breakfast
  5. Smile
  6. Movement
  7. Fruit
  8. Your inspiration
TOPS Daily Inspiration Calendar

This week's ideas include:
  1. Look for ways to cut 100 calories from your meal plan today
  2. Add fiber to your diet through vegetables, fruits and whole grains
  3. Dining out?  Skip the bread or chip basket.
  4. Grocery shopping? Park farther away and walk.
  5. Add an extra block to your walking routine.
  6. Add sliced cucumbers to your sandwich or salad.
I have a lot on my plate and I don't intend to accomplish all of them, but I now have enough choice to pick and choose.

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  1. I already park SO FAR AWAY from my grocery store that I feel like it's closer if I WALK to it!! LOL

    Those look like some pretty goals, and I hope to remind you to keep up with it throughout the week!! <3 <3