Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

I spent my entire drive home from work tonight, talking myself out of going to my meeting.  The conversation went a little something like this:

"You know you are up a TON after having a terrible week...you should take one more week off and get back on track"

"It wouldn't be fair to have the weight records with such a huge gain and throw off everyone's averages...you should just stay home"

"You are starving and need to eat dinner before you go tonight...it's not accurate to eat a big dinner and then get on the scale, you will be up even more!"

"You have a number of e-mails to write tonight and organizing to do for the girl guide units you are starting up in September....that  needs to be done ASAP"

That is the gist of them.  But in the end, I had my 3 slices of pizza and went to the meeting to pay the piper.

Last week: 238.50 lbs
This week: 240.00

+1.50 lbs

It wasn't terrible, but I never wanted to see that 240 and here I am...just at the cusp of it.  With Easter around the corner and the influx of chocolate, it will be tough, but I vow to lose for next week, even if it's only .25 lbs!

Don't forget to pay a visit to Julie and Ashley!

Weigh In Wednesday


  1. Ouch sorry about the gain. Easter week is tough. Too much candy this time of year! You'll get back on track though!

  2. Bummer! Easter candy is the worst! Once you get past this hump, you'll be back to losing I'm sure!

  3. I am SO glad you went! That's the hardest part, sticking to the commitment of weighing in when you know you'll show a gain... but it's also the most important because if you hadn't have held yourself accountable, that makes it MUCH easier to keep slipping up in the following days. I'm right with you at about the same weight and it's definitely no fun - but I know we can do it together!

  4. Sorry your weigh is not as you would have wanted. Keep up the good work over Easter and your goal of a loss will happen :)
    BTW I thought about the WIT with you guys. Since I don't go the gym on tuesday often (Date night) I might do my weighin on Monday and report on Tuesday... will decide by the first of May.

  5. Easter candy is so hard! I went to Walmart during my lunch break to pick up some allergy medicine and between the smell of the bakery and the chocolate everywhere, I almost broke. I ended up buying some Special K 100 calorie crisp thing that was sweet.

    Sarah | www.seriouslysarah.net

  6. Ugh, easter candy is the devil. Good luck this week :)

  7. I am glad you went and still linked up too! It is good to stay accountable. If you skip you start sliding down a slippery slope of avoiding the bad and that can be dangerous.

    I want all the Easter candy! :)