Friday, July 26, 2013

What's In Your.......

I decided to try something different here.  Usually I like to have a "Fitness Friday" post, however now that I am walking to Troutville, VA and doing my Road trip Review on Sundays, my regular Friday post would just be a repeat of Sundays.

I was reading one of the other blogs I follow, and she had a picture of her cute son that was taken while grocery shopping.  I also admitted that I love when people post pictures of their everyday life.  I am nosy! I want to know what people are buying, how their house looks, what is in their cupboards!


That lead to this post.  It was time for my weekly trip to the grocery store and I thought I will do a post about

What's In My Grocery Cart!!!

Now, I didn't take pictures while I was actually shopping, I don't have one of those fancy phones that take pictures and I felt dragging my camera out would be creepy.

So, I got home, arranged it all on the table and snapped away!

So, without further ado, here is:

What's In Your Grocery Cart

This is what I have bought for the week.
We are a family of 4
The meat is 2 package of ground beef and 1 of ground pork.  I like to mix the pork and beef for burgers.

Some of the things that can be seen here:
2 bags of milk, bleach, oj, chocolate milk, cream, tomato juice, ketchup, diet ginger ale

Here you have some peanut butter, bacon bits, crackers, croutons, fruit loops, chips, bathroom stuff.  There is also some chips, mustard, stuffing, chocolate chips and lemon pie filling.

For produce this week, some bananas and extra ones for baking, peaches, tomato, red onion, cucumber and green onions.  I also bought some regular bread and 1 loaf of WW bread.
I also found these....Cinnabon Flavored Almonds! 
I sampled them....YUMM-O and really sweet.  Less calories then the spicy ones I usually get.
Ignore the butterscotch ice cream sauce!
It cost me about $200, that also includes a few things for camping and Hayden needed some sandals.

I would love to see what is in YOUR grocery cart!
Until next time,


  1. My gocery cart is so boring compared to yours! And I must say - yay for the produce! You 'pretend' you don't like it... but there it is! I don't know if it follows the 80 good/20 bad food rule, but it's definitely not 0/100 :) Whatcha making with the extra bananas for baking??!! Got a good healthy banana muffin or bread recipe? Everytime I try and make it healthy, it just doesn't taste as yummy!

  2. Hi Amy! I love that you shared your grocery cart and that you have some nice fresh produce. Have you thought about more low fat options that don't taste like low fat options? Things like almond butter rather than peanut butter or ground turkey instead of beef or pork? I have a ton of healthy recipes that I would be willing to share with you. They are all tried and tested by my whole family and I only keep the 'winners'.

    Plus, Teri, I have a healthy banana loaf recipe that I LOVE if you'd like it!

    Keep up the good work Amy!

  3. where did you get those almonds??

  4. Here is the banana bread recipe I use:

    I only use the first recipe listed and not the second. Plus, I almost always leave out the walnuts and either replace them with nothing or add in some mini chocolate chips. So good!