Monday, April 22, 2013

30-Day Squat Challenge

Starting May 1, I have agreed to join a couple fellow bloggers, Bonnie and Dani, in the 30-Day Squat Challenge.

I have seen this all over Pinterest-ville, and even pinned it in myself.

When Bonnie put it up on her blog and put a shout out for more people to join, I was all over it "like a fat kid on a smartie"

Bonnie and Dani are already warming up, getting prepped for the first day of the challenge.  I on the other hand, like to jump in blind. 

Want to see what this challenge is all about?

So, here is the thing....I jumped on ship before I actually read the whole challenge through.  Basically, the title lured me in like a man to shiny objects.  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I did and I am not going to back out, but I can tell you's going to S-U-C-K! Like, I will hardly be able to bend to sit on the toilet, kind of suck!  I read it through in full today and did notice that you get a rest day every few days (thank goodness for THAT!)

It will be a good addtion to my daily walk though.  Squats are killer exercise and surpringly get the heart rate up.

So, who else wants to join?  I am going to make sure I blog about my progess every week for sure.

Here's to squats and sore limbs!


  1. "like a fat kid on a smartie"
    LOL You are funny
    Just so anyone else reading this knows, there is less intense challenge out there... starts at 20 and ends at 100.

  2. LOL I'm more like the fat kid and cake kinda person!

    Yeah I did about 20 the other night, inner thighs a little sore today. Not. A. Good. Sign.

  3. I am up for the challenge. Bring on the May squat challenge!!

  4. Sign me up! Although I may want the one that starts at 20.....

  5. I'm going to sign up. Stupidly, as I'm sure halfway through my knees will just fall off, but I'm going to try.

    The only change I'm going to make is I'm going to do this with an exercise ball against a wall. It will make it easier for my knees. :)