Thursday, April 18, 2013

Non Scale Victory # 4

It's funny how we tend to overlook the small things as a victory.  That is one of the great things about this weekly link makes you think. 

I have had a few non-scale victories this week.  For some reason, my surgery was a turning point for me.  I can say without a doubt, it is not a health scare thing.  Sadly, I have admitted before to my TOPS group, I am not sure what sort of monumental health scare would make me smarten up.   I looked at my surgery as a fresh start.  My body feels better, without the undertones of nausea lurking.  Also, it doesn't digest fatty foods and sweets to well anymore.  The "side effects" from eating them have turned me off.

Back to the topic on hand.

My first non-scale victory is no longer letting my excuses win, mostly in regards to exercise.  With that one in mind, I have gone out for at least a 20 minute walk everyday since Sunday.  The third one is, once again, in the same line.  I have walked my kids to school/daycare every morning since Tuesday this week.

A little back story about that one:

We live a 5 minute walk from the school/daycare.  I never walked the kids, I always drove them.  My reasoning was that I had to head to work straight from work and didn't have time.  Then, on the weekend, there was an unfortunate incident at the daycare and starting on Tuesday (and until the incident is resolved) we are to use the front door of the school to access the daycare and avoid using the daycare parking lot.  For me, this really means that by the time I park the car, I am pretty much at home anyway.  So I got the kids ready to go out the door 5 minutes earlier and we walked.  Even in the rain.  When I got back to the house, it was still only 8:30 (the same time I would usually get into my car at the daycare)  That let me know that I could walk the kids and still get to work on time.  Even if I was a few minutes late, my boss doesn't mind.

I am trying my best to fit in as much exercise as I can.  If I can walk, I walk.

How was your week?  Why don't you join the weekly link up?  The hosts are great!



  1. Way to be! It's all about finding the time here and there and being willing to try! Great NSV!

  2. You've had some great NSVs this week. In particular, I love your first one about not letting your excuses win. So well put and I definitely can relate! Thank you so much for linking up and sharing!

  3. Wednesday is the start of my week. I did really good on that day walking to and from my WW meeting which is 1.7 km each way. Yesterday was not good at all. I ate crap food for lunch, a pizza for dinner(not a piece or part of I ate the whole thing, mind you it was one of those frozen thin crust ones) Then i sat on my ass. Nope I didn't go to my TOPS meeting, didn't go for a walk, didn't get on the elliptical. Why can we be good one day and not the next?
    Good for you for walking! hopefully you can keep up with it with the nice weather coming!

  4. People often refer to poor self-control when they have problems with diet and exercise. Good job this week on pushing yourself into the good habits.