Friday, February 7, 2014

Follow Through Friday - # 4

Time to review the past week with the Follow Through Friday link up.


Last week:

  • walk my required km for each day - 5.70 km
  • Lose 1.50 lbs
  • Start my 30 Day water challenge - Feb 1 - March 2 - see blog tomorrow for more details
  • Do at least 3 - 10 minute workouts with weights - TOPS challenge for the week
  • Log my food
2.5 out of 5 (details below)
  • I'm still doing good with my walking challenge.  I lost a bit of momentum mid week, but am reigning it back in
  • Did NOT lose, in fact I gained...but oh well!
  • I started this Feb. 1 and for the most part am keeping up with it.  About the same time I started to struggle with the walking challenge, the water challenge followed suit.  Again, I am getting that one back in line too.
  • No interest in doing this one to be honest.  I'm not at the point where I am looking to add different exercise.  I'm comfortable with just my cardio right now.
  • I have myself a half complete on that one.  For the most part, I logged everything, but I did miss a couple of days

Goals For The Week

  • Walk my required km for each day - 5.70 km
  • Lose 1.50 lbs
  • Continue with the 30-Day Water Challenge
  • Avoid the TOPS restricted food for the week - Chips (again)
  • Log my food
  • Blog my food journal


If I'm being completely honest, I was completely disappointed with the scale on Tuesday. I put on the 3 lbs I lost the week previous.  I didn't think I had a terrible week food-wise, but it wasn't great and it must have had an impact.  I re-committed again to logging my food on Lose It and decided to take it one step further and post it on my blog each day as well.  We have eaten out more this week then we have over the past few weeks.  Tomorrow is not going to be much better.  We are heading out to the Sportsman Show and so that will mean at least lunch out.  Probably breakfast and dinner too though.  I'm trying to avoid pop and just drink water, or at the very least, make sure I get my water quota in BEFORE the pop.


Still ticking away the km for my walking challenge with Julie to Arkansas.  I did do a bit of snow shoveling on Wednesday and Lose It said it burned a huge amount of calories, but I don't know that I buy it.  I do know it got my heart rate going and it wasn't just because I was trying to shovel with a 4 year old.  Our TOPS challenge for the week was to do 3-10 minute weight sessions, but it wasn't calling enough to me to dust off my hand weights.  At some point I will bring that in, I know I will need to tone and that muscle burns more calories than fat, but I'm just not ready.

How about are you doing?

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  1. Amy.... try adding the weights to your treadmill routine? Even if it's just 10-minutes with a simple hammer curl move, you will get more blood flowing to those muscles! Sometimes I do that if it's late at night at the gym (they aren't a fan of weights on the treadmills, but I ask nicely lol)

    Congrats on keeping up your food log as best you can! It may be difficult, especially since you juggle a work, home, and mom life.... I commend you for your drive and determination!!!!!

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3