Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Truth of Tuesday Night

Sorry it's a day behind.  Yesterday was pretty hectic.  I got home from my TOPS meeting early due to the fact that only 3 of us showed up.  That worked out fine, because I had a cake to decorate and a show to watch.  Next thing I knew it was 10 pm and time for bed.

You didn't miss much anyway....those 3 pounds I took off last week came right back.

Last week: 240.75 lbs
This week: 244.00 lbs
+ 3.25 lbs

I'm not 100% surprised.  I did let myself slide a bit on food and probably had a bit too much popcorn and jelly beans.  I also skipped an extra day of exercise.

Again though, I'm not disheartened about it.  I'm doing well with my water challenge and our restricted food from TOPS this week is once again CHIPS.  I will succeed with it this time!

I also plan to post my food diary on here to keep me just that little bit more accountable.

I'm off to link up....see you there!

Pretty Strong Medicine


  1. Muscle outweighs fat, so don't be surprised if you go up and down a lot in your weight loss journey. c:
    Also water weight will shift.
    Great job! Keep it up. A food journal can really benefit some people.


  2. P.S. If I can do it, you can do it too!

  3. We all have those weeks. Brush it off and start again. I can't eat popcorn, I gain every time I do. Its bad.

  4. I am right with you ! Let's do this together, lets kill this week :)

  5. Atta girl! Don't be discouraged!! You know what you're doing right and you know what you're doing wrong ~ those are two pretty huge keys to success!!

  6. Good job with doing well on the water challenge. I screwed up with day 2!
    I'm still trying though... each day has its own challenges but hopefully by the end of the month I to will be better with my water

  7. Damn Jelly Beans!!! Don't be discouraged - We all go through these periods and you will be better for it :)

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  8. Great job on the water challenge. Ive really screwed up the last couple days with chocolate cravings.

  9. You have the right attitude about it. Do not let this destruct you. I hope you have a success week darling!