Sunday, February 9, 2014

What I Love About The Blog World

Today was a bad day for me.  My weekend was shot to hell, food-wise which put me in a slump, even if I didn't think so.  Then a few other things took place and I threw myself my own little pity party, where I wallowed in some more food and a comfy chair!  I just needed a day from the commitment and  same ol' same ol' on this weight loss journey of mine.

I was feeling down and lonely and then...someone new read my blog and left me an encouraging comment.  I can't even tell you how much it meant to me.  It's silly and it wasn't like someone offered me a million dollars...just a little note to say I was going good!

When I started this blog, it was just a place for me to record how I was progressing.  I wasn't even going to tell ANYONE about this blog.  I knew I intended to share my weight and secretly didn't want anyone to see it.  But I did it, and you know what?  It wasn't that bad.  I also met some awesome women along the way, one of whom I now consider a BFF, despite the fact that I have never met her in person.

Both myself and my blog has come a long way since I started it back in 2012.  I now have over 33 followers and participate 3 link ups on a regular basis.  Somedays I wish I had one of those blogs that has 100+ followers, but then I think it would feel more like a job, trying to keep that many people "entertained."  My blog is my place to be myself and share what I am feeling.

The weight loss blog community has a "family" feeling to it.  It's a place where we can all come together.  Despite our backgrounds, race, religion, location or anything else...the struggle is the same.  There are days where you rock that workout and feel like a superstar.  There are other days when you feel like a lump and don't know how you can continue to do this for one more day.  Then this browse around and read the blogs you follow and stumble across someone who posts about their awesome day and it encourages you to get off the couch, put down the fork and have your own awesome day!

So, to all of you that follow or read my blog, thank you!  It means a lot to me that you would take a moment out of a busy day or spend some of your free time reading about my day and my struggle.


  1. I'm glad you're taking advantage of the community! It sounds like you've progressed a lot more than you give yourself credit for. c:
    Hope you keep up the positive look on things!


  2. You go girl - I might be the silent one but I always look at what is happening

  3. "Put the fork down and have your own awesome day." Seriously, I need that as my slogan! Or at least stick it on my fridge!! I love that! It IS nice having those little pick-me-ups for extra encouragement when it seems in short supply. I hope your week is looking up!

  4. (For real, you need to put that as your blog sub-heading! Or I might... ;)

  5. I LOVE this community too! You guys rock! Keep your chin up!

  6. @LaughingLady hit it right on the head.... "Put down the fork and have your own awesome day." is an EXCELLENT SLOGAN!!!!!

    Also- I'm so glad you got the pick-me-up that it sounded like you needed! I'm sorry I wasn't there to encourage you..... but know that I send my love, support, and kick-ass-ery from afar!!! <3 <3 <3