Wednesday, January 22, 2014

CN Tower Stair Climb - The Results

If you will remember from last week, myself and my girlfriend challenged ourselves to climb the equivalent stairs that are in the CN Tower.

1776 stairs to be exact.

Basically, we had to do 12 flights a day and going down counted (I didn't make that real clear in the rules) and you didn't have to do them all at once either.

I was able to complete this challenge without too much trouble.  I tried to do them in sets of 5 if I could.  That is enough to get the heart rate starting for me.  I finished it, so I just technically I am at the top of the CN Tower.

I would like to re-visit this challenge again down the road, but make it a bit tougher next either only having the upward part of the stairs count or having to do them all at once.  I'll have to see who I can sweet talk into joining me next time.

The CN Tower stair climb is a real thing people!  Its a fundraising event each year for the United Way.  I don't ever anticipate myself doing it for real though...I like to have my heart attacks in private! :-)

Any suggestions for my next mini challenge?  Anyone want to join me in it?

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