Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow Much Fun

It's winter here in Ontario.

Firstly, I must say, despite 2 years of living in the Yukon, I am not much of a winter person.  I don't ski, skate or shovel snow.

I don't like the cold and am starting to realize the benefits of spending winters in Florida.  Julie, can you make room for me?

We have been in the grips of a cold snap for the past week, and by cold snap, I mean -40 Celsius with the wind chill.  It was a pretty crummy way to finish off the second week of Christmas vacation.  It was too cold to even think of sending the kids out to play.

Today was the first nice day in a bit and we took advantage of it.  We live about a block away from the school and they have a great hill for tobogganing.  Around 2 in the afternoon, we bundled everyone up and headed on over. 

The kids love it and the kid in me does to if I'm being honest.

Here is the proof of today:

Me and my girl!

I also decided to get over my "fat girl" fear of photos.  I even asked my hubby to make sure he took a picture of me.  
Remember....winter law dictates that warmth is more important in style!
That is what I tell myself anyway!

Here is the video proof that I did go down the hill a time or two as well!

The weather is supposed to be nice next weekend too, so as of right now, the plan is to drive over to my uncle's house and use his front hill.  He lives in the house that belonged to my grandparents and the hill is where I spent my entire youth sledding.   The hill is big and awesome.    We used it on Boxing Day last Christmas and it didn't disappoint.

So, get out there and enjoy it just a little.  I'm glad I did!


  1. Amy!! You will ALWAYS be welcome in Florida! I have room for you and Brian in the spare room, and the kiddos can share the sofa-bed or an inflatable, so long as they don't mind a fluffy dog and purring kitteh sharing it with them!!

    I am very jealous of the snow I see in that video! I'm hoping to get a small taste for my first time seeing snow at the end of the month when I visit Tennessee! But, they also might not get snow... Either way it'll be cold by my standards for sure!

    BTW- Fri/Sat it didn't get above like 64*F/16*C and today warmed up to 81*F/27*C! :-P

  2. Seriously, could you be more cute?! Love the winter look!